Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic Stand Mixer Review

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic stand mixer is the #5 Best Seller in Household Stand Mixers 2019 on Amazon. It lets you knead a batch of sticky dough and also blend a quick dressing quite easily. To achieve fast results when using it, you can remove the hand mixer from the base. If you are looking for a luxury of a stand mixer that can also double as a hand mixer at a lower price, this Hamilton Beach mixer will fit your bill perfectly.

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer

Features of Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic Stand Mixer

  • Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic stand mixer features a tough and durable body that is made from die-cast aluminum. It will therefore last for many years even under the most strenuous activities.
  • It also has a 290 watt motor that makes mixing absolutely easier. It is capable of handling any mixing job you might have.
  • To prevent overheating, the Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic stand mixer has a built-in system that shuts down the operation automatically once a certain internal temperature has been attained.
  • It has a bowl rest mixer stabilizer that keeps the bowl in space when you are using it to eliminate messy drips.
  • It also has handles that have been designed for control and comfort, so your hands will not feel tired when you are using it.
  • Other important features and attachments that the Hamilton Beach 6 speed Classic stand mixer comes with include traditional beaters, dough hooks and whisk that make it easier to tackle with any mixing job.
Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel, 4-Quart Bowl and Accessories

Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer Accessories


This Hamilton Beach mixer is very safe and easy to use. Each unit comes with traditional beaters, dough hooks and a balloon whisk, all which can be easily swapped out in between the mixing jobs. The mixer pops up easily to allow for complete access to the 4 quart stainless steel bowl. This makes addition of ingredients and other items to the mixture quite easier. Furthermore, this mixer has a motor that automatically shuts after a certain temperature has been reached to prevent the user from injury.

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Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer 64650 - One of best Hamilton Beach mixer 2014-2015
Double as a hand mixer
Source: Hamilton Beach
  • It features excellent construction and materials, and as a result it will last for a very long time if maintained properly.
  • It has a set of controls that are very easy to use as well as built-in safety and protection features that makes it a world class mixer. You can use it for any work at home or at the workplace.
  • It offers six different mixing speeds, so you can start mixing the ingredients on a low and then slowly increase the speed to prevent splatters all over your counter top.
  • Lower Price.

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  • It cannot use other bowls.
  • It has very little room to mix by hand or add ingredients.
  • The mixer strains with heavy dough.

Consumer Reviews

It has 624 customer reviews and 64 answered questions on Amazon. About 65% of the reviews rated the machine with 4-5 stars.

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Most people that have used Hamilton Beach 6 speed classic stand mixer have good things to say about it. They like the fact that it is affordable and it comes with attachments that makes the mixing job absolutely easier. However, some people think that the mixer offers a challenge when it comes to accessing the bottom side of the bowl due to an odd ridge in the bowl itself. To solve this, you can use a spatula.

Overall Review

Overall, Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic stand mixer is great appliance for anyone who is looking for a long-lasting commercial grade mixer that can allow them to mix a lot of heavy ingredients such as bread or cookie dough. It doubles as a hand mixer.