How to Use a Stand Mixer

Women are the kitchen handlers for quite some time now. They have experienced a lot of tools which you see being used by chefs and cooks in the cooking shows as well as in your own home. There are some tools which are accessed on the daily basis but some are just sitting there waiting to be used. There is a tool called stand mixer which is used for beating, chopping and to mash things or ingredients. There can be more than two ingredients mixed to make a third ingredient by keeping the measurements appropriate. There are several techniques to use a stand mixer.

If you don’t have a stand mixer and are going to the market to buy one or ordering one online you need to first decide if you really need a stand mixer. If you really do, then decide on which model to buy. There have been a lot of models in the stand mixer technology which have different functionalities for mixing different food items.

Stand mixer versus Portable mixer

Using two different kinds of mixers can build a genuine opinion in your mind and you will be careful in the future about which one to buy. This is because the one you will buy should be easy for you to use and no spill is the one thing you definitely want. In hand mixers, there is a thick chance that you will get spill which becomes messy afterwards. While on the other hand, the stand mixer has been designed in a way which has reduced the time prediction for the users and spilling has been almost eliminated.

Attachments while usage

If you are an occasional baker then using only the beater will help you solve all your baking problems. But if want to become a professional cook or baker then you should go for a rather expensive model. There are models of stand mixers from a very low quality and price up to a best quality and price accordingly. Expensive stand mixers come with more than one or two attachments. Normally the attachments you will witness are a beater, a dough hook and a paddle.

Think before you buy

What speed to select?

When you are using a stand mixer and you have to apply some time reduction to your mixing then there is a speed option installed in your machine. Branded models come with a different volume of speeds where as some models just provide with the slow, medium and fast option. You have to be careful while speeding up the process of mixing because mixing too fast can cause spills around the table or floor which you don’t want.

What if there was no Mixer

When you have baked a lot of recipes which you cannot imagine being baked without the use of your stand mixer then you realize that if there hadn’t been a stand mixer what would have happened. The cooking and baking would have been too hard to do. The use of stand mixer has proven its importance in the everyday life of a baker. However there are some things which you cannot bake easily without the use of stand mixer.
1.To make a French baguette loaf.
2.Homemade pasta which you decide when you don’t have anything left in your mind to eat.
3.Grinding meat for sausages.
4.Egg beating
5.Making butter cream and butter.
Not only these above but also there are a lot other things which cannot be done without the stand mixer so whoever is a kitchen freak should have a stand mixer. This will help you bake easily and save your time.