Kitchenaid vs Kenwood which is better

In comparing Kitchenaid vs Kenwood, how about we begin with a percentage of the item essentials. I question any of these will be major issues, yet merit knowing.


One of the things that truly shocked me here was the force cited in their item data, as they felt about the same when utilizing them. Regarding clamor, I’d say the Kitchenaid is insignificantly louder. Tap on the headings for a full spec of each.


  • Power: 300W
  • Limit: 4.83 liters
  • Weight: 10.6kg
  • Measurements: 35.3H x 22.1W x 35.8D
  • Ensure 5 years


  • Power:1400W
  • Limit: 4.6 liters
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Measurements: 29.7H x 22.7W x 40.0D
  • Ensure 5 years

Kenwood Premier Chef is 3 times more powerful motor than KitchenAid Artisan


There can be very much a distinction in cost for both models, however, you’re taking at around fair prices for both Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, for the Kenwood Premier Chef.

It’s virtually a draw here as we asses Kitchenaid vs Kenwood because the fact is that you get all in both.


I was pulled in to Kitchenaid by its color choices. I’m not going to deceive you, I needed an infant pink blender on the grounds that it was beautiful. In truth, the machines likewise had awesome notoriety! The Kenwood is a solid, trustworthy form, with a brushed metallic completion. When I put them one next to the other, they are virtually indistinguishable in size as well.

Kitchenaid wins.

Ease of use

I had an utter bad dream in the wake of purchasing it, which I am certain would have put a great many people off. I’m to learn that I had six blenders inside of seven months, and the last one has been back to the processing plant to be settled not long after it arrived. Fortunately, I got it from Selfridges and profited from some astonishing client administration. It’s a bit loud even now, however, it is working with no issues. What’s more, under surety. Velocity is controlled by a lever on the left-hand side, and the head is tilted with another lever on the privilege. My just feedback here is that both are somewhat cumbersome. In any case, it delivers awesome results.

The Kenwood is a flat out dream to utilize. From fitting the dish and connections, creaming margarine and sugar – its an enjoyment. It offers incredible control as far as pace, as dissimilar to the Kitchenaid, the dial as an afterthought accelerates the whippers progressively, instead of by clicking up to the following velocity. The head tilt instrument is additionally pleasant and smooth. The main drawback is that it doesn’t feel like a substantial obligation as the Kitchenaid. The connection zones are truly sensitive, however, do have a decent firm “snap” on shutting them.

Both yield greatly light cakes and make heating a doddle.

A draw. At the point when circumstances require, I’d cheerfully utilize either.

How about their attachments?

The Kitchenaid accompanies a splashguard, whisk, batter snare, and mixer.

The Kenwood touches base in the greatest box ever, on the grounds that it houses a splashguard, whisk, mixture snare, blender, creaming whipper, a blender and a sustenance processor!

Round goes to Kenwood.


The Verdict

I believe its a draw, Kitchenaid vs Kenwood which I believe is a reasonable appraisal of utilizing the two next to each other. Both have advantages and disadvantages, yet in any case make excellent cakes effortlessly. I cherish my beautiful Kitchenaid, and regardless of the considerable number of issues I’ve had with mine, despite everything I’d suggest the item as my five-year assurance implied every one of that was sorted.

I was truly enjoyably amazed by the Kenwood as well. It was truly simple to utilize and gives you so much control when you’re heating. I now comprehend why my team Kenwood companions love them to such an extent. Durable, trustworthy, and regularly the family most loved over eras. I know a few individuals who are utilizing their grandmas’ machines which are as yet going solid to.