10 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Stand Mixer

What you will find outlined below are some short and fun tips and tricks to get the most of your stand mixer. Some of these ideas may prove to be very valuable for you to get you started.

Precheck Before Turning On

Always make sure the bowl whatever it’s bowl lift or tilt head and the mixer are locked in place before turning on! You will hear a click and feel that it is secure when locked.

Stop Mixture from Splattering

If whipping cream or something that will splash you can put a cover or a splash guard over the bowl. If you have neither you can cover the top with plastic wrap nor put a towel over it.

Mix Ingredients in their Proper Steps

You will usually need to mix the butter and sugar together before adding the other ingredients to the mixer. Also, remember that ingredients mix best if you put the liquid ingredients in first.

A Rubber Spatula is Necessary to Have on Hand

Always have a spatula ready to scrape down the sides of the bowl, and incorporate any of the batter or dough on the edges into the mix. Turn the mixer off for a minute when scraping down the sides, then return it to on. You will also need the spatula when emptying the bowl. Another tool that can be used is a rubber pastry scraper.

Start Slow and then Increase the Speed

It is advisable to start slow and then increase the speed as you don’t want whatever it is that you are working on to splatter. Keep hands away from the moving parts during operation.

Use Lower Speeds for Bread or Delicate or Airy Mixtures

Use the lowest settings on the stand mixer to knead so as not to overwork the motor. If you knead bread dough a lot it is worth it to buy a higher-end stand mixer, but still, it is better to knead it on one of the first two settings.

Stand mixers can mix gently too, as is sometimes preferred in crispy cookies, delicate cakes, and mashed potatoes, to incorporate more air and give them all a lighter texture. Lower speeds also work well to better blend ingredients and give a smooth consistency as with cheesecake.

Wash Meat Grinders in a Bleach and Water solution

The blades in a meat grinder attachment are self-sharpening. That means that the more they are used the more they sharpen themselves (i.e. the blades sharpen as they work). Wash meat grinders in a bleach and water solution after each use to disinfect as raw meat passes through them.

Get Extra Bowl

It could not hurt to have an extra bowl for your stand mixer – Stainless steel bowls are the best.

Use your Stand Mixer for the Simple Pleasures

The stand mixer is great for simply whipping cream. If you ever want to make a special dessert just whip some heavy cream in your stand mixer with a touch of vanilla and a little confectioners sugar or table sugar. You’ll relish the not-too-sweet fluffy whip much more than anything you can buy at a grocery store.

List What you will Do with a Stand Mixer Before Purchasing It

Before purchasing a stand mixer make a list of what you will use it for and how often you will use it. That way, you can be mindful of choosing a stand mixer that’s perfect for you.