Hi Everyone,

I have been a single mom of two kids (currently my boy is 5 and my girl is 2) for nearly a year now. Being a single mom can be incredibly stressful. So I have to find some ways to handle it. Luckily, I’m a positive person and I’m a kitchen lover,  a travel lover.  Most will never know what it’s like to make a living as a professional chef, and that makes me smile. It’s something of which I am arrogantly proud. You know the fact that to be a really good cook or chef it takes tremendous physical, mental and emotional fortitude.

In my situation, though, this lifestyle is much better than remaining in my marriage. I take my kids on short trips as often as possible. Kitchen helps me much to find balance and get my life back. You know cooking is like love, it should be larger than what you think you need.

It may not have been your goal to be a single mom, but it’s your destiny to be a greatest mother that you can be.

When I cook with a bad mood, my food is always terrible. I believe that we can do amazing things with a little love. Just put a little love in to your cake, it will be wonderful for your kids.

I create this blog to write all my thought, my experiences, my love in every weekend, when I’m really alone in my home (my kids live with my ex husband on weekend).