Stand Mixer Care and Safety Tips

Stand mixer care A stand mixer is a kitchen investment that can last for many years of use when cared for properly. We have come up with the following Stand Mixer Care and Safety Tips, much common sense, as a helpful reminder to prolong the life of the machine. Read the Manual Reading the … [Read more...]

10 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Stand Mixer

What you will find outlined below are some short and fun tips and tricks to get the most of your stand mixer. Some of these ideas may prove to be very valuable for you to get you started. Precheck Before Turning On Always make sure the bowl whatever it's bowl lift or tilt head and the mixer are … [Read more...]

Viking VSM500 Professional 5-Quart Stand Mixer Review

The Viking Professional 5-Quart Stand Mixer is an elegant workhorse boasting 800 watts of power and, unlike some modern competitors, a full metal gear transmission. Its planetary mixing action is powerful enough to knead through even the heaviest whole grain flours and yet still gentle enough to … [Read more...]

Hamilton Beach CPM700 Commercial Stand Mixer Review

The Hamilton Beach CPM700 Commercial Stand Mixer exceeds the expectations while offering a sleek, die-cast metal design and a generous 7-quart capacity. Its 800-watt motor, operated by rugged all-metal gears, offers consistent power and torque on even the stiffest doughs. The rotating speed dial … [Read more...]

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Review

The Bosch MUM6N11UC Universal Plus Mixer is poised to replace nearly all of your kitchen appliances while delivering superior mixing power. The innovative contained design features a removable splash-guard and eliminates the annoyance of a beater arm interfering with the addition of ingredients. In … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Correct Mixing Bowl?

There are many factors involved in choosing the correct mixing bowl for your stand mixer. Several of the considerations are outlined below. Does the Bowl Move or is it Stationary? Some mixing bowls are stationary while the paddles move. In others, the bowls move while the paddles spin in place. In … [Read more...]

Does Stand Mixer Speed Matter?

Kitchenaid speed settings

We see a lot of questions online when it comes to the stand mixers and one of the questions we’ve been seeing a lot lately does stand mixer speed matter? Some mixers only have 3 speeds and others have 12 or more, is a mixer with more speeds a better option? The speed of a mixer is actually very … [Read more...]

Stand Mixer Buying Guide

If you are a person that loves to bake and cook and does so regularly, you should definitely be investing in a stand mixer. This type of mixer operates on a stand so that you don’t have to babysit the mixing as you would with a hand mixer. You are free to walk around the kitchen and prepare other … [Read more...]

KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer Review

In a busy schedule, with numerous tasks to get completed within a limited time, a good quality stand mixer can be of immense help and it might seem that you have got an extra pair of hands in the kitchen! And with so many choices available in the market, in all probability, you get baffled while … [Read more...]