Meat Slicers – Do You Want to Select the Right One?

Meat Slicers are one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment that any user could own. They help in the even and thin slicing of foods like meats and cheeses and are very integral to cooking processes.
The various types of meat slicers in the market- be they electric meat slicers, home meat slicers, industrial meat slicers, or used meat slicers -are so manufactured so as to suit varied cooking needs.

Types of Kitchen Appliances Meat Slicers

The meat slicers are of two types namely: The Medium Duty or the Economy Slicers and The Heavy Duty or the Industrial Slicers.

The Medium Duty of the Economy Slicers

The Medium Duty of the Economy Slicers start at a capacity blade of 8inches and can go up to 14 inches. They are imported from Italy and are economically priced. They are manufactured for light to medium use cooking applications and are commonly designed for home use.

For example, the Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer is the ideal addition for any kitchen. Whether it is being used to prepare food items for a party or for a summer picnic, this appliance is considered to be among the best of electric meat slicers. It has a durable and hardy quality universal motor, precision in slice control, and a multi-purpose stainless steel blade.

The Heavy Duty Industrial Slicers

The Heavy Duty Industrial Slicers start with a blade capacity of 12 inches and can go up to 14 inches. They are manufactured in the United States. These slicers are so manufactured so as to suit the needs of medium to heavy commercial operators like grocery stores, caterers, commissaries, restaurants, delis, meat shops, and for continuous heavy use.

For example, the Berkel 827 E 12 inches Light Duty Manual Slicer is eminently suitable for slicing limited amounts of cheese and is priced at around 865$. Its use would be suited for the cooking needs of small restaurants and diners.

How to Choose Meat Slicers

The even and thin slicing of meats and other foods gives more flavor and fewer calories. So the right choice of meat slicers can contribute to a healthier way of living. You need to think of your choice of meat slicers – used meat slicers or industrial meat slicers, or home meat slicers – as an investment and not just an expense.

Investing in high-quality kitchen cutlery would be one of the smartest investment decisions that you could be making; since the returns on your investment would be worth the initial expense. It would be useful to check out the following while making a choice of the ideal meat slicer.


Make sure that your meat slicer comes with a home use warranty and that the meat slicers that you use in your restaurants or delis also come with full warranty coverage. For example, the Chef’s Choice 668 food slicer is a top-performing slicing machine, designed for home use, and considered prime among home meat slicers.

Its powerful 200-watt motor, large 8 inches blade, and tilt design make it a superior kitchen implement. Its micrometer dial helps in slicing meat from the deli -thin to 9/16 inches thick. The cantilever construction allows for open access, and additionally, the slicer’s food carriage retracts totally to handle slicing large pieces of meat. This slicer comes with a smooth-edged blade and has a five-year warranty and ten on the motor.


Make sure that the kitchen appliances meat slicers or industrial meat slicers that you buy suit your cooking and kitchen needs.
For example, the Chef’s Choice of the 667 food slicer has hardened extra large, stainless steel blades and 180-watt induction motors. Running smoothly and efficiently, these high torque motors make fast and light work of the largest hams and roasts and of even huge quantities of cheese.

Type of Steel

While Making A Meat Slicers Comparison, Check out the Type of Steel used in the blade.
There are many choices and preferences for the type of steel used in the manufacture of the blade of the meat slicer, but the common consensus among veteran chefs is that of high carbon stainless steel. This type of steel ranks among the best of stain-resistant steels and the alloy is popularly used in top quality kitchen cutlery. This steel is easy to maintain, sharpens well, and takes a sharp mean edge.