Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series Stand Mixer Review

Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series Stand Mixer review

Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series Stand Mixer review

A symphony of power, precision and performance with mixing features to make the task easier. This is one of best stand mixers under $200. It is certainly worth the money.

Price, features and functionality come together in one awesome product known as the Sunbeam Heritage Series 12-Speed Stand mixer. If you are someone that enjoys cooking and baking homemade food selections, this is a mixer that will exceed your expectations. It is priced to sale at a cost of just $165, and with so much to offer there is no doubt that this stand mixer will pay for itself in no time at all. Why is this a mixer that has so many people talking? Continue reading and we will help you learn why this is a top mixer for your needs.

Inside the Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer

This stand mixer does it all so you can appreciate its awesome versatility for unlimited capabilities in the kitchen. The mixer offers 350-watts of power with a 4.6 quart bowl that is easy to use as well as easy to clean. This bowl makes it simple to prepare meals for as many as six people in a flash.

Sunbeam FPSBSM21MR-BND Heritage Series Stand Mixer review

Choose from 12 different variable speeds that you can change depending upon what you are cooking. And, the mixer offers 3-way mixing action so your doughs, batters and mixes are always mixed to consistency. This is a stand mixer that frees up your hands and provides you with an unmatchable mixing quality. It doesn’t matter what you are preparing you can do it with ease with the help of this stand mixer.
The die cast metal body of this stand mixer is definitely appealing to those interested in the purchase. This metal is resistant to rust and abrasions and always keeps the mixer strong and durable. It’s not a product that will need to be replaced any time soon that is for sure.
The stand mixer is stylish and small in size so it won’t take up a great deal of space on your counter. Plus it is available in three different colors so you can easily add pizzazz and style to your kitchen. Choose from Red, black or silver and show off your cooking skills in style!
To sum it all up, take a look at the features of the Sunbeam Heritage mixer that make this a worthwhile purchase:

  • 12-speeds allow versatility into your kitchen
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Die-Cast metal body is durable
  • Available in your choice of colors
  • 3-way mixing action
  • Stylish and small so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter
  • Includes dough hooks, chrome beaters and whisks to get you started
  • 2-year limited warranty

These are just some of the many awesome features that you can enjoy when this stand mixer is added to your life. It is certainly a purchase that is worthy of your money because it will not let you down. This stand mixer is one of those appliances that you will wonder how you ever lived without! Yes, this product is just that good.

Are there any Disadvantages?

There are few disadvantages that you will face with the purchase of the Sunbeam Heritage Series stand mixer. The biggest complaint that people seem to have is the cost. However, for such a powerful and versatile machine we think it is quite fair. There are many others on the market with a price tag much larger than this one.
Some people also state that the mixer is not sturdy. Again this is a rare complaint and one that can most often be attributed to sitting the stand mixer on an uneven surface or a similar obstacle.
Other than this, the Sunbeam stand mixer is capable of exceeding all of your expectations, ensuring that you cook the meals that you and your family love with ease. What more could you ask for in a mixer?

Consumer Reviews of the Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer

Amazon users are happy with this product and aren’t afraid to tell the world. Out of a possible 5-stars, this stand mixer has a 4.2 rating with more than 48% of reviewers giving the mixer a 5-star rating and another 35% offering a 4-star rating. Head on over to Amazon to read the great reviews of this product and learn why so many people love it so much. Learning this information can make it much easier to spend your money with complete confidence and there’s not a better feeling in this world.

The Verdict: Purchase or Pass?

At a cost of almost $200 you definitely do not want to spend the cash if the product isn’t capable of meeting your needs. So, what about the Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer? Is it a purchase or a pass product?
Do not miss out on the chance to purchase this stand mixer! It is an incredible value for an incredible product that will help you create incredible meals that your family will love. This is a good enough no-frills mixer. You can buy more expensive units with more attachments depending on your needs, but this is geared to basic mixing.

It is certainly worth the money and then some, so make sure that you consider it for your stand mixer purchase.

A symphony of power, precision and performance with mixing features to make the task easier. This is one of best stand mixers under $200. It is certainly worth the money.