Tips to Operate Home Meat Slicers

Home Meat Slicers could either be of the Manual or the Automatic Feed variety.

How to use the meat slicer

First place the meat on the carriage.
Then adjust the clamp so that the meat is firmly held.
Next, in order to achieve the desired thickness of the meat slices, the dial must be set.
Then, you may set the meat slicer machine on manual or automatic.
Turn on the power to the machine.
If you have selected the manual mode of meat slicing, you may move the carriage backward and forwards using the hand lever.

Precautions before Using Meat Slicers

There are certain basic precautions to be followed while operating the meat slicing machine:

  • The Meat Slicer must be hardwired or permanently attached. It must also have a backup electric switch, which would be adequately equipped with a guard so as to prevent any accidental starting.
  • The meat slicer is an extremely dangerous kitchen implement. Do not operate it when the blade guard is off, nor put your hands anywhere close when the blade is turning.
  • Be very cautious while sharpening or cleaning the blade, as it is very sharp.

How to Maintain Meat Slicers

  • Careful Maintenance and Cleaning of the meat slicer help in ensuring that the equipment works efficiently over a larger period of time. Here are a few tips for the care and cleaning of the meat slicing machine
  • You need to check that the meat slicer is cleaned after each use.
  • Before you dismantle the meat slicing machine, you need to ensure that the electric power is secured.
  • Before washing, please remove all meat-handling and cutting accessories and attachments.
  • You may wash the attachments in hot soapy water, and then rinse out with hot water.
  • You may run the attachments through the dishwasher.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or that posted by the machine, while cleaning the knife and body of the meat slicer.
  • Now quickly reassemble the meat slicer at once, to prevent the bare blade being exposed. Apply a thin coat of salad oil on the meat slicer blade.
  • Remember to clean the countertop that is under the meat slicer.

Therefore we note there are a number of considerations to be verified and precautions to be followed while operating the meat slicer Рwhether they are electric meat slicers, industrial meat slicers, home meat slicers, used meat slicers, or kitchen appliances meat grinders for food grinder. Once the right choice of the meat slicer is made, and the basic precautions while operating it are followed, the meat slicer could become a very important part of your kitchen equipment.