Top 10 most Useful Kitchen Appliances

With hundreds of different types of kitchen appliances on the market, choosing those for your kitchen isn’t always easy. You want appliances that are quality, durable, and long-lasting, yet also functionally complete and value. There’s not a lot of space on the counters in most kitchens, so you definitely don’t want appliances sitting around that are never going to be used. Rather than waste money and take up that much needed countertop space, read this guide that fills you in on the top 10 most useful kitchen gadgets that you really need for your home.

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is a tool that you’ll use frequently. It is lightweight, easy to use, and versatile enough to prepare many different foods and beverages. Those stainless steel beaters whip up delicious mixes, cakes, breads and more like magic. You cannot imagine on how many different occasions you will be thankful that you had a hand mixer within your arm’s reach!

Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

A stand mixer is another useful type of mixer that should be inside of your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time preparing foods from scratch, a good stand mixer is an absolute necessity. Stand mixers stand on their own so you can keep both hands free while still kneading your doughs, mixing flours and more.  They are far more powerful than a hand mixer, and can handle larger quantities of mix at one time. You can also use some pretty awesomely cool attachments with a stand mixer, further exceeding their use in your kitchen.


The four-slice toaster, preferably, if you have kids or a spouse. Let’s face it: some mornings you’re biscuit, and some mornings you’re toast. You need a toaster in the kitchen. It’s almost as delicious as that first cup of coffee in the a.m., which brings us to the 4th most useful kitchen appliance.

Coffee Maker

The best part of waking up is that piping hot cup of coffee! There’s no easier or  faster way to get that a.m. wake up than with a coffeemaker. Today the choices in coffeemakers is extensive, and you can find some pretty incredible models that can be pre-programmed to have your coffee ready when you get up in the morning. There’s even those nice and fancy cappuccino and espresso machines available.

Electric Can Opener

No kitchen is ready for use until an electric can opener is sitting atop of the counter. Forget carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain using those old hand cranking can openers. Simply attach the can, press down, and the electric can opener takes care of the rest, as simple as that!


Smoothies are the ‘in’ thing, and there is little wonder why. They’re good for you, they taste great, and more. But it isn’t just smoothies that you can create with a blender. The versatile machines can puree veggies, create milkshakes and soups and a whole lot more! And, if you’ve adapted the new trend of ‘juicing,’ a blender will suffice as an awesome juicer in many instances, so you can skip a separate purchase. Blenders are lightweight, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they help increase the fun that you will have while you’re in the kitchen!

Convection Oven

These mini ovens really come in handy when the holidays roll around and for households of larger size. Cooks looking to save on their energy costs also adore these machines. Convection ovens are basically smaller versions of your oven. You can broil, bake, roast and more with the appliance. Why turn on the oven when you have one of these small appliance on the countertop? From frozen entrees to toast and even turkey, a convection oven offers ample cooking time while producing great-tasting foods time after time.

Food Processor

Some people opt to purchase just a blender for their kitchen, and while this may suit the needs of some, it is always a nice addition to have a food processor at your disposal. A food processor chops, dices, slices and crushing like a pro, greatly reducing he time you’ll spend preparing foods for your family. They help you reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen and more.

Slow Cooker

Whether you call it a slow cooker or a crockpot, the result is always the same: delicious, slowly cooked foods that are hearty, headache free and good for your family. With a crockpot, you simply add your ingredients, turn the machine on, top with the lid, and check back in a few hours. The possibilities for cooking are endless with a food processor!  


Steamers have long been used to prepare healthy vegetables. They definitely offer the chance for you to dish up great-tasting, healthy steamed veggies without any hassle. Steamers, even the good ones, are very affordable to purchase. The machines are also easy to use. There is no reason that a steamer shouldn’t be sitting in your kitchen!

A Few Final Words

How many of the 10 items listed above do you own? It’s not too late to purchase any item that is lacking from your kitchen. That purchase is certain to add simplicity to your life while also enabling you to easily prepare the foods that you and your family love to eat. With these 10 appliances in your cupboard, you always have the perfect machine to help you no matter what it is you plan to prepare.