Types of Best Food Processors

The best food processors are in different types. Besides manual, electric, mini, compact, and full-size blenders, you will find two different kinds of features in these appliances. The first one is direct drive processors. They are quite similar to blenders since the motor is under the food bowl.

The other kind of food processor is belt drive processors. In this case, the motor is placed at the side of the bowl and moves it using a belt.

Which one is better? Direct drive processors are a better choice. Why? Because they transfer the force of the motor directly to the blade. Belt drive processors lose some of that energy. Even if you find them at deals on food processors, it’s better to stay away from them.

How Are Food Processors Different From Blenders?

Although they are quite similar, a food processor is different from a blender. For example, a digital camera can make short films and film cameras can take pictures. Unfortunately, no one excels in doing both things right.

Films in digital cameras have a bad resolution and pictures taken by the film camera have also a bad resolution.

A similar thing happens with food processors and blenders. Although they have areas in which they overlap, each one of them is best for specific tasks. In general terms, a blender is best for liquids and food processors are better for solids.

How to Choose the Best Food Processor?

The best way to choose the perfect food processor is to analyze your needs. Once you have a clear idea of what you are going to do with your new appliance, you can start checking the best prices on food processors.

Most probably you will end with three or four options. A good way to decide which is the food processor you are going to buy is checking other factors like the bowl size, the length of the warranty, safety features for food processors, the power of the processor and it’s brand.

For example, many people love Kitchen aid and can’t conceive the idea of buying a kitchen appliance from another company.

How to Use the Food Processors

The best recommendation is to read the manual. There may be some first steps that need to be taken before starting to use the processor. Besides, the manual contains important information on how to maintain it and how to use it for different kinds of food.

So, if you still don’t have a food processor, go and look for one. Compare food processors, analyze their features, wait for deals on food processors, and once you have a clear idea of which one you are going to buy, do it. You will be quite happy with your new acquisition.