Hand Mixer Speed Setting Guide

Hand Mixer Speed Setting Guide

Better acquainting yourself with the various hand mixer speed settings enables you to get the most out of your mixer. While each brand and model offers various speed settings, the majority of them work the same on all mixers. This speed setting guide makes it easy to learn more about the hand mixer speed settings that you can use to prepare your favorites in no time at all. Use this guide together with your product manual to ensure that all of your foods are prepared with the proper speed setting.

Hand Mixer Speed Setting

Hand Mixer Speed Setting

What are Speed Settings?

All hand mixers are programmed with various speed settings that you can choose from when preparing your mixes. The speed that you will use determines how fast the beaters (or other attachment) will turn and mix the ingredients together. Obviously any good cook needs several different settings to choose from to prepare a versatile menu! There are slow, medium, and fast settings offered. The right setting varies according to the mixture that you are preparing. One thing that is true no matter what you are preparing is that you should never start your hand mixer when it is on the high setting. Instead, you should start your machine in the lowest possible speed setting, and adjust it as needed.

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How many Speed Settings does a Hand Mixer have?

The number of speed setting available on a hand mixer varies according to the brand and model of appliance that you own. You can expect a minimum of three to five settings, while some hand mixers have as many as 12. Typically hand mixers have 6 – 8 settings. The more settings on the hand mixer, the more versatile the appliance is in your life because you’ll be able to create even more of the things that you love to cook.

What does each Speed Setting Mean?

Speed Setting One: In most cases, the first setting on a hand mixer is used to add chunky ingredients to your mixture. This is the lowest setting that you can choose on your mixer. You will always start mixing your ingredients together on speed setting one.

Speed Setting Two: Speed two on your mixer is used for slow mixing speeds. You can use this speed when mixing a number of different mixtures, including batters and cookie doughs. This speed is just a bit faster than the first setting and is perfect for those occasions when you need just a little more power in your preparations.

Speed Setting Three & Four: Mixing and Beating are the usual functions performed when the third or fourth speed setting is chosen on a hand mixer.  You will use this speed setting to mix and knead doughs as well as other heavy batters. This speed setting is used for heavy and semi heavy batters such as beating cookies, combining sugar and adding egg whites.

Speed Setting Five & Six: Speed setting five and six is used when you want to cram and beat foods. This setting is best for whipping a cake, for creating doughnuts and other thick batters. This is also the setting that should be chosen when using a juicer attachment.

Speed Setting Seven & Eight: the seventh and eight speed setting is used when you need fast beating. You will use this setting when   you are beating or whipping creams. Egg whites also do well on this setting.

Speed Setting Nine & 10: these two settings are used when you need fast whipping of cream, egg white, mashed potatoes and more. You also use this special speed setting when using the Pasta Maker attachment that comes with many of the mixers.

These are the most common speed settings available on the hand mixer. If your mixer has additional settings, follow the instruction manual for use of these settings. It won’t take long for you to learn the various speeds and how they work to prepare your various mixtures.

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Final Thoughts about Hand Mixer Speed Setting 

A hand mixer has various speed settings which allow you to prepare many different foods. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with these settings before you use your machine. Familiarizing yourself with the speed settings before using your mixer will help ensure that you create the perfectly mixed mixtures that you desire to create.

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