Stand Mixer Care and Safety Tips

Stand mixer care

A stand mixer is a kitchen investment that can last for many years of use when cared for properly. We have come up with the following Stand Mixer Care and Safety Tips, much common sense, as a helpful reminder to prolong the life of the machine.

Read the Manual

Reading the instruction manual that came with your stand mixer is important to ensure that you use your stand mixer right away. Keep it in a handy place so that it is easily accessible. If you have any questions on care that you cannot find in the manual, and that aren’t answered here, stand mixer companies usually have customer support to help customers. Conveniently, some even have live chat on their websites.

Cleaning the Stand Mixer

Always make sure the stand mixer is not plugged in before going to clean it. Wipe down the mixer with a soapy sponge or cloth, and be sure to stay clear of the cord. Always wash the bowl and the attachments after using it. If not washing the attachments right away, make sure that they are soaking in warm water, because batter tends to harden and stick on them if not washed immediately.

Attachments besides the wire whisk, which can bend easily, can be washed in the dishwasher. The bowl may be too large for your dishwasher so hand washing is recommended. Do note that if your bowl is stainless steel, you should never use a wire brush, steel wool, or bleach on it. That will ruin your bowl. Instead, use soapy water. An alternative is to use a vinegar and water solution to clean any residue. To get out any smells, say, if you were mixing any garlicky or onion dip in the mixer, you can use fresh squeezed lemon juice and water.

Make sure that the wand that the attachments are usually secured to is washed with a damp cloth after each us – always remove the attachment and clean the wand to avoid residue build-up. Also wash the base of the mixer, where the bowl is usually attached. Food residue can also build up there in the edges if not cleaned. After you are done cleaning your stand mixer, wipe it with a dry cloth.

And note, never put the entire machine in the water, as it is an electrical appliance and it will ruin it as well as possibly being dangerous.

Storing the Stand Mixer

A lot of stand mixers have a nice appearance and is often recommended to just leave your mixer on the countertop if you are using your stand mixer daily, rather than putting it in the cupboard to prevent the chance of dropping the stand mixer. Because stand mixers can be quite heavy, it is recommended to be stored on a firm, flat and sturdy surface. Dust covers are made for many stand mixers and use them to cover your mixer.

Storing the Attachments

Attachments can be expensive if damaged or lost. Store the attachments in the same place, preferably the bowl so that they don’t get lost. Only put attachments on your mixer during use. Do not store the mixer with the attachments already on it. One idea is to have hooks under the cabinets, and hang the attachments on there.

Use Only Approved Attachments

Never use attachments by another manufacturer that are not intended for your stand mixer, as it can be hazardous and cause electric shock, or, just as dangerous, they cannot fit properly and fly off.

Dough Hook Tips

When you are using the dough hook attachment, it is recommended to use low-speed settings. A higher setting may overheat the motor. How high of a speed you can go to really depend on the machine’s capability.

Do Not Overload the Machine

Do not overload the stand mixer. Most good quality stand mixers come fitted overload protection device and will stop if overloaded to protect the machine. Unlikely that this happens, make sure to switch off and unplug the mixer. And then you should remove a few of the ingredients to reduce the load. Also, remember that ingredients mix best if you put the liquid ingredients in first.


Most new quality mixers are lubricated with enough grease to last for some time. However, after some years of using it is recommended that you apply some lubrication in the gear heads every year or so.

Safety Precaution

Always stop the mixer if you need to reach into the bowl or work near the moving parts. Do not let the cord hang over the table or the counter edges. Keep the bowl away from heat sources such as the stovetop.

Stand mixers are not intended for use by young children without supervision.

Repair and Maintenance

Always keep the stand mixer unplugged when it is not in use. As in any electrical appliance, be careful to keep the plug dry. Do not use the machine if it is damaged or if the cord is damaged. Do not try to fix the stand mixer yourself if something is broken, take it to a professional to be checked and serviced.