Best Hand Mixer 2020 Reviews

A hand mixer is a great appliance to have in the kitchen. In my personal opinion, there isn’t a more versatile or useful kitchen appliance than the hand mixer. If you’ve yet to add one of these awesome pieces of equipment to your kitchen, what are you waiting for? You’re really missing out on some exceptional benefits that will help you in the kitchen no matter what you are looking to prepare.

We are here to make your life easier by providing you with a look at the best hand mixers that you should buy. These tested machines have all been chosen and rated the best by users and now we are making your life easy bypassing that information on your way. There are many different reasons why these hand mixers were chosen as the best, from their awesome appearance to their abundance of features.

Choosing any of these hand mixers is an excellent idea since they are all highly recommended, priced right, and filled with an abundance of features that make them the best. What are the best hand mixer recommendations for the year? Continue reading and we will point you in the right direction where finding the best hand mixer is a simple process.

Best Hand Mixer 2020: Top Recommended Choices

The following hand mixers are the very best that your money can buy. Check them out and learn the many benefits they can offer to your life in the kitchen.  Those who have used these mixers all think they do an excellent job in the kitchen while also providing a nice value on an awesome product.

The Winner

KitchenAid 9-Speed Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 9-Speed Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 9-Speed Hand Mixer

Our final hand mixer recommendation is the KitchenAid 9-speed hand mixer. This is yet another phenomenal appliance that enhances your kitchen with not only style but also with functionality. There is so much to love about the KitchenAid hand mixer and it is definitely a product that is worth taking a look at. Let’s go ahead and do that.

You will enjoy the selection of colors that you can choose from when purchasing this hand mixer. Those choices certainly give you more to love and it enables you to match your current kitchen décor with ease. Color choices include black, white, silver, and red. Choose your favorite and rock your kitchen!

There are several accessories included with the purchase of this hand mixer. This includes the meal beaters, a liquid blender rod, turbo beater accessories, a whisk, dough hooks, and an accessory bag so you can easily put things away when you are done. Another feature that users appreciate is the swivel cord. You can also purchase additional accessories for use with your hand mixer if you so desire. The cord moves easily with you and doesn’t dangle so it is easier than most.

You can easily clean the beaters on this hand mixer with mild soap and water. The mixer is easy to use, lightweight, and definitely versatile. If you want to take it with you to get-togethers and functions that is very simple and easy for you to do. You do not want the hassle of a hand mixer that is hard to clean. There is nothing for you to worry about with this model. This mixer is so easy to clean and that is just the way that it is.

The Runner-up

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed

In my personal opinion this hand mixer is without question the very best. It seems to have everything going –including style, power and functionality, not to mention a price that moves it out the door quickly. You won’t be disappointed with this hand mixer and I think that you might agree with me that it is indeed one of the best.

Offered in a chrome or white color, this hand mixer is elegant and stylish for use every single day. It comes inside of its own see-through storage container as well, so putting it away is always simple.

With your choice of nine speeds you can easily choose your power so that you can mix virtually anything in a flash. The hand mixer is definitely powerful with 220 watts of power and an automatic feedback feature.

Like the other hand mixers on our list, this one also comes with a few different accessories that can get you started with this hand mixer. Those accessories include a spatula, a dough hook, a chef’s whisk, beaters and an instruction book complete with recipes. Be sure to  check out those recipes because there are some pretty awesome ideas inside.

The easy to operate hand mixer uses one-touch on/off functionality, one-touch speed control, and more. The hand mixer comes complete with a 3-year warranty as well. This warranty gives you peace of mind since you know that you are always protected from mishap no matter what happens to the mixer.

At a price of less than $80, this is an affordable hand mixer for almost any budget. The Cuisinart name backing the mixer up gives you added peace of mind and comfort. If you are in the market for an exceptional hand mixer that works wonders, you’ve found it with the Power Advantage Plus.

Also Great

KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

This hand mixer is available in white, red, or black and is a great addition to your kitchen. The mixer serves its purpose well, offering thorough mixing of most ingredients. While very powerful, the hand mixers offer quiet operation so there’s never anything annoying going on in the kitchen. The hand mixer is easy to hold, lightweight, and has 7 different speeds to choose from so you can always use the product with ease. There is so very much for you to love about this hand mixer and you will certainly get your money’s worth out of the product.

Other features of the KitchenAid digital hand mixer include:

  • Strong, quiet motor
  • The beater Eject button is easy to use and large so it is easy to see
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful enough to whip up your favorites with ease
  • Includes  a few accessories to get you started including a liquid bender rod, whisks, and turbo beaters
  • Rests of the heel so you can set it down with ease
  • Low cost under $40
  • 1-Year Warranty is included

On the downside, this mixer provides little difference in speed and power on the low setting as it does on high. When you are really searching for that extra power, this hand mixer lacks. Another downside that comes along with this hand mixer is that you need to hand-wash the accessories, which can be a bit exasperating.   While these are certain disadvantages they are not worrisome enough to make you reconsider the purchase. These are only minor issues that will certainly not affect you that greatly.

Overalls this is an excellent hand mixer priced to sell and filled with the features that you really want and need in your product. It is worth your while to check it out and discover what it can do for your needs.

Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Next up on our list of most recommended hand mixers is the Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-speed hand mixer. This excellent product is just a bit more expensive than the KitchenAid product, however, the Cuisinart name backing things makes it worth the extra few bucks. This is the best hand mixer because it does so very much for you.

The incredible style is the first feature that helps this Cuisinart hand mixer stand out from the competition. Choose from fun and exciting colors such as charcoal, green, blue, and chrome, though several others are also available. Next is the ease-of-use. This hand mixer makes any job simple, quick, and easy. With 7-speeds you can easily mix anything that you want within seconds.

There is a 220-watt motor on the hand mixer, single-touch operation, a swivel cord, and more. even better the hand mixer is safe for the dishwasher so you will save yourself time and hassle in the kitchen. The hand mixer has a beater ejector lever and the cord is extra-long so you are not stuck using it in one spot.

Included with the purchase are a few accessories that will come in very handy. Those accessories include a chef’s whisk, a spatula, and a recipe book filled with delicious and exciting recipes that can all be prepared using the hand mixer. There are also optional accessories that you can purchase for the hand mixer if you desire to do so.

Finally, you will enjoy the awesome 3-year warranty that comes along with the hand mixer. This hand mixer’s nice warranty gives you peace of mind and security each and every time that you use the product. Should anything ever malfunction, you are protected with this warranty.

You will love the Power Advantage hand mixer from Cuisinart. We think it deserves ranking as the best hand mixer because it offers you so very much. Check it out for yourself!

Sunbeam 2560 Heritage Series 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer

Sunbeam 2560 Heritage Series 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer

Sunbeam 2560 Heritage Series 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer

Now we will look at the Sunbeam Heritage Series 6-speed hand mixer. It is another one of our recommended choices and we certainly think that you will agree that the mixer deserves the title of the best hand mixer.

The Sunbeam Heritage 6-speed hand mixer is equipped with 250 watts of power and your choice of 6-speed settings. This makes it a mixer capable of meeting most of your kitchen needs while giving you the freedom to enjoy a versatile choice of features.

This Sunbeam hand mixer is available in your choice of colors, including red, black, white, and silver so you can always choose your favorite and add style and charm to your kitchen.

There is a really awesome feature on this hand mixer that the others do not have. This feature is called ‘Power Burst Technology,’ and with it just one push of the button and you have an awesome power that can mix even the toughest of mixtures.

There is a soft-grip handle on the Sunbeam Heritage. This handle is so comfortable and certainly makes it much easier for you to use without causing any pain to your hand. Not all mixers can honestly make this claim.

Another awesome feature of this hand mixer that many of the others leave out is the storage system. You will absolutely love this cool feature that makes putting the hand mixer away a simple task.

This hand mixer from Sunbeam is priced at a cost of about $58 and you will certainly get your money out of this mixer. It is an elegant hand mixer that will easily take care of your needs.

Do not Settle for Less

If you want the best hand mixer this model may very well meet those qualifications.  This is one of the costliest of our recommendations at a price of $97. However, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and the purchase of this hand mixer will certainly treat you to a pleasurable experience inside of the kitchen. We recommend that you look at this hand mixer to learn more about what it can do for you.

Choosing the Best Hand Mixer

If you are like most people you do not know a great deal about purchasing hand mixers. Usually, people know the function of the product and want it. This usually results in an unsatisfactory product or worse. How do you know what’s worth the money and what should be left behind? While we have made the decision of choosing the best hand mixer a little bit easier with a look at our top recommended choices, there is still a lot left to learn before you invest your money into this product. Every household has different needs and purposes for the hand mixers, as well as different requirements and budgets. If you want to make the purchase of the best hand mixer even easier, make sure that you keep the following considerations in mind before buying.


No matter what they say the brand of mixer that is purchased is important. A low-quality brand will provide, what else, poor quality results. Look for brand names that you are familiar with, as well as those that you trust, and you’ll get far more use out of your hand mixer. Combine this with the other steps to choosing the best hand mixer and you will certainly find yourself with an incredible product that exceeds your expectations.


Cost is always important since most of us do not have that special money tree growing in the back yard. Always compare several brands with various features to learn the average cost of the hand mixer that meets your expectations. This will help you get the best price on your hand mixer.

Ease of use

You want to know that the hand mixer that you are purchasing is going to be easy to use. Nothing could be worse than purchasing a mixer only to discover that it is a major pain to use! Not only should it be easy to use it should also be lightweight so that it is easy to move, easy to store and with a storage bag or box to make putting it away easy. You also want to make sure that you choose a product that is easy to clean. Not all of the hand mixers are out there to make life easy so make sure that you choose only those that are out there looking after your best interests.


The best hand mixer is capable of exceeding your baking and mixing expectations. Look at a list of features available on the hand mixer that you are interested in purchasing. Make sure that you choose a hand mixer that is capable of doing all of the things that you want it to do and more.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be found on all of the above hand mixers as well as the many others available for purchase. Reading some of these reviews will give you peace of mind and confidence that you are purchasing a hand mixer that will live up to all of your standards and more. Customer reviews are free of charge and certainly help you with your purchase, so be sure that you take advantage of learning what others have to say.


Accessories are included with some mixers but not with them all. These accessories really come in handy and can make it much easier to prepare some of your favorite things, such as bread. Look for a product that comes with a few accessories at a minimum. Also look for mixers that have optional accessories available for purchase. With these items you can take your kitchen cooking experience to a whole new level. Why not enjoy the very best in food that you can?

Speeds & Power

Both the speed and the power of the hand mixer should be considered when you are making a purchase. The speed and power affect the way that the mixer will work and the types of mixtures it can handle. Choose wisely so that you have one mixer to take care of all of your baking needs.


Any good hand mixer is going to come with a warranty. The length of that warranty is usually the great difference that you will find between products. A warranty of at least one year should be included with the mixer, however, if you can find one with a longer warranty that is just more protection that you can enjoy when you want to take some pressure off of your back.

Always take the time to do plenty of research before you spend any money on a hand mixer. Make sure that you find all of the qualities above to be satisfactory before spending any money on your product. This extra amount of time is beneficial to you since it ensures that you are going to spend your money on the best hand mixer that will provide you with continuous use for a long time to come. Do not miss out on the chance to learn this information and make a wise purchase.

Final Thoughts

A hand mixer is a delightful item to have in the kitchen, and you will certainly enjoy creating delicious meal after meal with the help of this special appliance. These mixers makes life easy and simple, ensuring that you get things all mixed up just the way that you want them. Your life will certainly be much easier when you have a hand mixer ready to put to good use at all times.

If you want to spend your money wisely and purchase a quality hand mixer that will exceed your expectations, take a look at the best hand mixer choices listed above. These hand mixers are more than capable of serving your needs and then some. Why make the process of choosing a hand mixer more difficult than what it is? With this list of the best hand mixer choices, you can’t go wrong! These are the chosen mixers, the hand mixers that will go above and beyond to meet all of your needs.

Put this information to good use and come out the winner with an awesome hand mixer that rocks your world! It is simple and easy to choose the best hand mixer if only you are willing to spend a little bit of time to find it.